Image Manager

Take charge of your backups

windows server image managerEffectively maintaining business continuity requires more these days — more time, more resources, and certainly more money. But small to midsize businesses (SMBs) seldom have the personnel or the means to manage costly systems that would provide redundancy in their computer environments.

Business Works Image Manager provides numerous ways to organize and manage your backup image files created with ShadowProtect® best-in-class disaster recovery technology. ImageManager also helps you harness the security of replicating backup files to an offsite location, such as the Business Works Cloud, or a private cloud:

  • Replicate incremental files offsite while populating and sending a base image on a drive
  • Upload images to the Business Works Cloud using Business Works Cloud Services functionality based upon intelligentFTP™ technology
  • Transport backup files to your private cloud with ultra-rapid ShadowStream™ technology or Business Works intelligentFTP

The most important backup is the one you store locally. It will help you recover from the most common distasters you’ll face. ImageManager also includes patented HeadStart Restore®*, which lets you pre-stage recovery to minimize downtime.


ShadowStream accelerates file transfer of backup images to a private cloud, and does so up to five times faster than traditional FTP. Take control of network latency problems to speed up your data transfer.


ImageManager takes FTP replication to a new level by introducing flexibility: transfer every ShadowProtect incremental file or just a single, collapsed daily file; limit transfer to just the backup image files that have been verified; and set retention policies for source and destination files. Along with your intelligentFTP license, you can perform LAN- and WAN-based replication.

Headstart Restore

ImageManager gives you a first line of business continuity defense with patented HeadStart Restore technology. HeadStart Restore lets you recover before disaster strikes by pre-staging your near-line backup image as a virtual machine. HeadStart Restore helps you get your near-line server runningagain in about 15 minutes.

Do More

ImageManager helps you do more than merely manage your backups. It gives you the technology you need to verify backup image files and re-verify them over time to make sure they’re still intact. ImageManager also consolidates backup image files and lets you set up retention policies locally and in the cloud to save valuable storage space both onsite and offsite. You can also set up email notification to track the status of your backup images, giving you extra peace of mind.

Save Time

Minimize the time needed to transfer backups offsite, or restore your servers near-line. Accelerate offsite transfer of backups to your private cloud with ShadowStream or restore an entire system with patented HeadStart Restore in about the time it takes to reboot.

Save Money

Get business back up and running in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Every minute lost in recovery is income and productivity lost. Minimize recovery time objectives and you maximize profits.

Save Storage Space

ImageManager allows you to consolidate your backup images and choose how long you save them, minimizing the amount of disk space required for system backups.

Key benefits

  • LAN- and WAN-based replication
  • Rapid recovery in minutes with patented HeadStart Restore
  • Local and offsite retention policy setting
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images
  • Email notification of backup image status
  • Replicate backup images to the Business Works Cloud
  • Use a hard drive to seed to the cloud all existing images within a managed folder while simultaneously replicating incremental images directly to the cloud
  • Accelerated offsite replication to your private cloud with ShadowStream technology and intelligentFTP
  • Use performance replication throttling for intelligentFTP, ShadowStream and cloud transports to regulate maximum transfer speeds during peak business hours
  • Rolling Consolidation—free up disk space with consolidation of monthly files into a rolling single file (requires ShadowProtect 5 or newer)
  • Eliminate free space in backup image files to save storage space onsite and offsite with enhanced collapse and consolidation

Image Manager features

windows server image manager features