CryptoLocker Virus Alert

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It has come to our attention that a particular style of virus infection known as Cryptolocker is raising in profile across the internet, and we suggest that as a matter of urgency your staff are made aware of this threat. We have recently had several users infect their networks/servers with this virus, which has caused significant disruption to operations. We …

Gearing up for the changes to the Privacy Act

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by Aimee Chanthadavong | March 4, 2014 In a week’s time on the 12 March 2014, reforms to the privacy laws will come into effect, which will apply to Australian government agencies, private sector businesses, and not-for-profit organisations covered by the Privacy Act 1988. As part of the reforms, consumers will be able to request access to their personal information …

Data Loss

Guard Your Small Business Against Data Loss

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If you run a business, when you lose data it is an annoying and frustrating experience – to which no business is immune. Data loss can occur for a number of reasons, whether intentional or unintentional, such as: Computer viruses or worms Attacks by hackers Power outages Data corruption Human error including accidently deleting files Natural disasters Software or Hardware …

Server virtualisation

Why Small Businesses Need Server Virtualisation

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There are big differences between the IT support needs of a small to medium sized business and say top 500 companies or a large multinational. These very large organisations’ will typically invest in a lot of sophisticated technology to support many hundreds if not thousands of users and need to be up to date with latest advances just to compete …

Things to Consider when Choosing Cloud Computing

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By now you would have heard about cloud computing and how it has changed the technological landscape. If you aren’t familiar with cloud computing, you can find more about it at “Cloud Computing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses”. The geeks and early adopters are often quick to cite new technology as a fabulous addition to the world, tweeting positive …