Small Business IT Support

How to Choose a Server for a Small Business

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Running a business requires a lot of care and attention especially when it comes to having the right foundations in place. Today, information technology has become one of the most integral foundations of a business and it is highly intertwined into the fabric of an organisation’s daily operations. Your organisation, no matter big or small, has the potential to stand …

Protect your PC and laptop from virus attacks

Virus Prevention Tips for Your PC and Laptop

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If you’re a loyal PC user then you’ve probably been faced with troublesome virus problems. It absolutely gets under your skin when viruses infect your computer or laptop! Things go haywire, important files go missing, software gets corrupted, your computer runs slower than it should, and the worst part is that personal information like your bank account details might get …

Fix your low virtual memory problems

Fix-it-yourself Series Pt. 2: Low Virtual Memory

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Now, if you happen to see this notice pop up on the right corner of your screen, don’t panic just yet. It’s one of the most common problems that almost all PC users will face at some point of our lives. Many people have experienced this little annoyance and fortunately, there are several solutions to help you overcome this pesky …

Fix-it-yourself Series Pt. 1: The Blue Screen of Death

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Imagine a beautiful morning where everything is going well and you’ve still got plenty of time to sip on your favourite coffee whilst catching up on the latest news on your PC or laptop, and suddenly…BAM! Your computer freezes and whatever you do to get it working just doesn’t seem to…well, work.  Before you start pulling your hair out and …

IT solutions

Choosing the Right IT Solutions Expert

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It’s amazing how everything we do revolves around the many wonders of technology. Especially in the 21st century, it’s pretty hard to imagine going through a day without logging on to your computer or turning on your mobile. If you’ve seen the recent Windows ads on TV then you’ll know how important computers are in connecting people and bringing convenience …