Cloud Computing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Business IT solutions and technology in general is changing at what seems like a rapid pace. Once you think you’ve just got the grasp of geek speak, new terms comes along that can leave you totally bewildered and wondering how your business will maintain its competitiveness.

And it appears that every business is jumping on board Cloud Computing, the latest craze in the tech world is Cloud Computing and you feel like you’re already behind the eight ball because you have no idea what it is.

As trusted provider of business IT solutions in Melbourne, we’ve provided you with the ins and outs of what Cloud Computing is and why your business needs it.

What is Cloud Computing?

The simple definition is that this technology allows you to access your data and programs outside of your own computing environment. Rather than storing data and software on your personal computer or server, it is stored ‘in the cloud’ which refers to the internet as you need an internet connection to store and access this data. This data could include emails, databases, files and applications.

What’s the big deal?

Well historically, hardware and software was fully contained on a person’s computer. This means that you access data and programs exclusively within your own computer. So you would have to purchase the infrastructure yourself. With cloud computing not only can you access data outside of your own computer, but you don’t have to purchase the server either as you can rent capacity from a cloud service provider.

What are the benefits of cloud computing for businesses?

There are some distinct advantages to cloud computing which makes it very attractive to businesses. And these are:

Reduces IT costs

It allows businesses to free up capital that would otherwise go into purchasing expensive infrastructure like a physical server. This is because the payment structure is such that you are renting space from a service provider’s data centre and thus you pay only what you use.  Businesses can also save on other IT costs such as licensing fees and purchasing software.

Helps keep track of spend

Businesses can choose how much to use and when, paying a price for the service that can include data storage, back-up, virus protection and data capacity. This helps with business budgeting and forecasting.

Always accessible

Businesses have ready access to data and information anywhere and anytime which means that business can go on as usual and is not limited by physical restrictions.

Increased capacity

If you are running a business you can ill afford to run up against data capacity issues. And this happens more frequently than you think. Storing data and information is a common problem for businesses that rely on the traditional method of using an on-site physical server. Cloud computing eliminates this headache as you are able to ‘rent more space’ so you don’t have to worry about having to purchase another expensive server.

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