Cloud Computing Services – Cloud Security

No hardware. No software. No spyware.

With no hardware or software to manage, a lower total cost of ownership and better protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and inappropriate online usage, this cloud security or cloud hosted web and internet security solution can replace or enhance a company’s existing security infrastructure.

cloud security

Visibility and Management

Administrators can securely access cloud security solution or cloud hosted web and internet security solution – MPweb’s powerful rules engine to facilitate user, group and account level access policies. A real-time Web traffic summary dashboard displays company Web site access by category and popular search terms.

cloud hosted web management

Proactive safe searching capabilities

Cloud security solution or cloud hosted web and internet security solution (MPweb) provides a unique “Scan Ahead” technology that examines all search engine queries and returns colour-coded search page results based on the requestor’s internet access policy. Inappropriate thumbnail images are also blocked from search engine results protecting users from exposure to inappropriate content.

Key benefits

  • SECURITY: Stop known and unknown virus, phishing and malware attacks before they reach your network.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Measure and manage internet abuse and time wasting non-work related web sites and downloads.
  • COMPLIANCE: Control access to inappropriate, illegal and offensive sites by category and file types.
  • REDUCED OWNERSHIP COST: No hardware or software to purchase and maintain.
    Service level agreements ensure uptime and performance
    – Fault-tolerant Australian & APAC data centres eliminate single point-of-failure risk.
    – Seamless authentication and protection for mobile laptop users.
    – Local technical support.

Service features

  • Integrated anti-spyware protection provided by award-winning Webroot Spy Sweeper® technology.
  • URL filtering and file/content type blocking prevent unwanted content.
  • Automatic detection of Anonymising proxy sites to enforce company security and internet use policies.
  • Set internet use policies according to group or user level.
  • Import and configure users through LDAP integration.
  • Detailed real-time and scheduled reporting.
  • Support for Citrix & Terminal Services.

Quota policy support

Administrators can easily support and enforce internet use policies by placing limits on bandwidth consumption, time spent online and number of sites accessed.

To help monitor and track internet use, logs and reports are available to track factors such as daily bandwidth consumed by user and time spent surfing.

Roaming user protection

As an integrated component of the service, MPweb provides seamless enforcement of company internet use policies regardless of where an employee is working – whether it’s at home, the airport, a hotel or an internet cafe.

Mobile laptop users can be easily configured to receive automatic and uninterrupted protection even while they are outside their organisation’s network.

Internet access control

Internet access policies may be managed at a group or individual level and applied by time and location. Administrators may set web sites to be “Allowed,” “Blocked” or “Coached” to manage internet use.

Web content filtering enables companies to enforce internet use policies, mitigate data loss, protect users from inappropriate content and improve productivity. Cloud hosted web and internet security or MPweb filters web content based on web site URL, web application, attachment type, MIME type, file type and file size. Millions of URLs are categorised into 12 main categories and 96 subcategories. This database is continuously updated to ensure accurate and advanced control.

cloud hosted internet access control

Real-time logging and reporting

Real-time logs display which sites and downloads users have attempted to access and whether or not they were allowed. With logs accessible for 90 days, administrators can access the historical information they need to generate key metrics.

cloud hosted web reporting