Cloud Hosted Workstation Security

Business Works MPaware is a cloud hosted workstation security tool and is a business-grade information security and computer activity monitoring solution managed from the cloud. It allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce risks of corporate data loss.

How MPaware works

How mpaware works

Data Loss Prevention

Inappropriate communications and the loss of intellectual property and confidential financial, competitive and customer data can cost your organisation legal fees, market position and revenue.

As a comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) application, MPaware records all activity and provides visibility via your online management console. To protect your data MPaware provides the ability to view email correspondence, instant messaging, internet activity, database queries, and documents accessed or changed.

The privacy and protection of your customer data is extremely important. MPaware decreases exposure to litigation and meets compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations.

MPaware protects your organisation from external threats as well as internal threats. Best-of-breed web filtering protects your internet access from virus’, malware, and spyware.

Key benefits

  • Email correspondence control – prevent possible data theft through webmail and corporate email
  • Instant Messaging – detect IM messages containing confidential information
  • Keylogging – record all typed characters
  • Internet monitoring – inspect all web traffic
  • Business Documentation and Data – monitor database queries, customer data, and all documents created, accessed and edited
  • Cutting edge web filtering – control web-surfing and block access to inappropriate websites
  • Block access to time-wasting software programs – games, video players, etc
  • Scheduling – set time schedules for when applications can be used
  • Screenshot capturing – monitor and record activities performed on a specific computer
  • Monitoring of running applications – detect software that may be revealing corporate security information
  • Reporting – view detailed reports about internal data use or misuse

Increase productivity

Misuse of company internet and software applications costs your business time and money. MPaware records and controls all computer activity, increasing staff productivity and ensuring that organisational internet and computer resources are used appropriately.
MPaware’s software application monitoring and blocking suite allows schedules to be set that control which software applications can be used and when. Time wasters such as iTunes can be blocked during work hours and allowed during off hours as desired.
Dangerous applications, including FTP uploading or peer-to-peer programs like BitTorrent, can be permanently blocked.

Block and record all computer activities

MPaware get activity reports instantly
  • Record outlook emails
  • Record webmail
  • Record IM/chat
  • Take screenshots
  • Record searches
  • All keystrokes
  • Track websites
  • Block websites
  • Applications

No hardware, no software

MPaware does not require you to purchase any hardware.
MPaware allows the monitoring and controlling of all desired employee computer activity on any computer, including laptops that never connect to the corporate network.

  • Supports different settings for each user
  • No hardware required
  • Can be used in a terminal server or citrix environment
  • Ties in with active directory
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