Fix-it-yourself Series Pt. 3: Data Recovery

At some point of our daily lives, every PC or laptop user would need to access documents from the hard drive to retrieve data such as music files, Word documents, Excel sheets and many more. Imagine this, you are happily working on your device, and suddenly you can’t load any data at all from your drive. So, what exactly is going on and what will happen to the data that you already have in your computer? Don’t panic just yet…they are all still saved into your hard drive.

The data from the hard drive can still be recovered even though your computer has totally failed. There are a two ways around this problem:

If you ever find that you need data recovery from your hard drive, simply call us today and we will help you sort your computer repair needs. Alternatively, you can always try to initiate the data recovery on your own but it’s highly advisable that such intricate computer repairs should be done by a trained professional. But before you decide to do-it-yourself, here are a couple of things that you should understand.

Hard drive failure can happen in two ways: Physical and Logical. Physical damages happen when components of the hard drive have failed, which prevents it from functioning. On the other hand, hard drives are considered logically damaged when the data is corrupted or unintentionally deleted.

If your hard drive experiences a logical failure, you can actually retrieve the data yourself if you’ve got the right software. Physically damaged hard drive problems are way more difficult to overcome as they require special tools and skills in data recovery. That is when you would have to approach a data recovery expert who is able to help you with your predicament.

Now, if you are wondering how you can recover data from a logically damaged hard drive, here are a few simple steps that you can follow.

1) Immediately stop working with that drive in question and shut down the computer. Do not attempt to keep saving new data into the drive.

2) Now, what you need to do is to carefully remove the hard drive from the computer and connect it to another machine as a secondary drive by using a USB to IDE/SATA adapter.

3) When it is connected, try to see if you can browse through the files in your hard drive. If it works, copy all the data you want to recover.

4) If that doesn’t happen, then you would have to use a data recovery software that you can easily download online. Whatever you do, make sure that the software is not installed into the drive that you are trying to recover data from.

5) Follow the instructions of the data recovery software and you can start retrieving your data. But please remember that sometimes not all data can be retrieved through this method.

If you are afraid that you might accidentally botch the data recovery process, it is best that you contact us today to speak to one of our PC and laptop repairs expert who has the experience to tell you exactly what is going on with your drive. It is highly crucial that you be extremely careful with your attempt at data recovery so that you don’t accidentally destroy the drive and all your files.

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