Our helpdesk operates five days a week during business hours, we provide telephone and remote login assistance for all customers.

Remote diagnosis and repair

Remote diagnostic software and tools allow our technicians to solve many issues without having to leave their desks. Providing you have internet access our remote access allows us to troubleshoot and repair many different types of issues.
Some examples where remote assistance can solve the issue are:

  • General configuration support
  • Run basic analysis of systems
  • Remove some types of viruses and spyware
  • Check for missing and transfer of files
  • General optimization
  • Email issues incoming and outgoing
  • Printer setup or configure
remote diagnosis and support

Sometimes it can be difficult to describe issues clearly on the telephone and depending on the users expertise and familiarity it may be challenging to solve problems via verbal instructions.

Remote Support allows our technicians the ability to see the problem first hand and not have to involve the user in the repair itself. Remote support also eliminates the need for onsite visits and the lost time whilst travelling to and from for onsite visits.