Network Support Melbourne

Melbourne’s Business Works offers professional network solutions for a diverse range of businesses.

Don’t put up with network problems; Business Works can provide all network services and support, including the design, supply and installation of completely new network environments, servers, workstations and all the infrastructure required, ongoing network support and service, network security and tailored preventative network maintenance plans. Network support is offered both as required and via our Support Plan and Managed Network services support program.

Free quotation on network solutions tailored for your business

Our specialised technicians will come to you and assess your existing network, workstations and server. Business Works will even provide a consultation and quote for free. For experienced honest expert advice on network solutions suited for your business, call Melbourne’s Business Works on 1300 732 810.

Located in Camberwell, Business Works provides professional advice on networking services and support, computer repairs and IT support, through a fast and reliable service staffed by capably qualified and experienced technicians. We are the experts when it comes to providing networking services support and network solutions.

We provide a complete network service and support for small to medium sized businesses. Complete from complex and demanding environments, right down to more straightforward environments such as small offices or home offices or in any way you need.  We have a large client base from diverse industries including Accounting practices, Medical Clinics, Architects and Engineering firms, Manufacturers, Distribution, Construction, Solicitors, Human Resource, Financial Planners,Vet Clinics, Project Managers, Clubs & Associations, Real Estate, Retailers, Aviation Maintenance, Home office users, and so forth. The list is extensive and affords our technical staff considerable experience across a wide range of industry types and applications.

For trusted and experienced professional advice on all of your business network solutions requirements, contact Business Works today on 1300 732 810.

Comprehensive Network Support Services

We can work with your business to deliver excellent network solutions and services as below:

  • 24 Hour, 7 day a week network monitoring services ( including daily health checks)
  • Regular network support and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of network and workstation issues
  • Improved network performance
  • Network security solutions
  • Antivirus and spam control licensing and recommendations
  • Reliable backup strategies
  • Data recovery and disaster management strategies
  • Virus detection and removal

Our strategic partnerships with major suppliers also allow us to provide a range of low-cost parts and equipments, ensuring that most machines, regardless of age or make, can be repaired when required.

Business Works offers computer network support both casually and via our Support Plan and Managed Network services program. We are the best choice when it comes to IT services and networking services in Melbourne. To find out what network support plan suits your business, contact us today at 1300 732 810.