Investment Involved

Business Works has developed IT Support Plans and Managed IT Services program to provide value for money expert professional IT services to small and medium sized businesses looking for a structured fully managed approach.

The program was designed to save businesses the ongoing costs of employing internal IT support staff or ineffective expensive casual support costs. A properly costed Managed Services program will avoid sudden, disruptive IT problems that may involve significant and unforeseen repairs costs.

IT Services Costs

The investment involved is based on a monthly support plan commitment and the inclusions or degree of coverage a client may seek. Business Works offer both fully inclusive fixed cost plans and partially inclusive fixed cost plans. Naturally fixed cost fully inclusive plans are a popular option, they allow for total support at a cost which doesn’t vary regardless of the assistance provided. Partially inclusive fixed cost plans which have standard features or entitlements can be combined with additional as required assistance when needed.   Depending on the options chosen, businesses wishing to start a Support Plan will be surprised just how inexpensive this can be, expert professional managed IT services starts at a low $ 290 per month.
Our standard agreement is for 12 months, however we are so confident in our abilities, and our record of client retention is so strong, that we offer a 30 day cancellation option at any point during the term.

Tailoring Support Plan Options

It is important to note that you do not have to select a fixed plan; we have guidelines but our customers have budgets also so when it comes to designing monitoring system options, documentation requirements, hourly commitments and even the choice of technician for your company there is a considerable amount of flexibility available.

Our Technician Timeshare program allows businesses all the benefits of expert IT support at a figure they are comfortable to invest. Call us on 1300 732810 to discuss a Support Plan we would recommend for your business.