How safe is your data in the cloud?

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Leviathan Security Group research has identified three key factors in the effectiveness of cloud security: availability, staffing and vulnerability management. Only by considering, and carefully managing, all three can you be confident that your business is as well-protected as possible. Availability Leviathan warns the owners of cloud-based businesses that many so-called cloud solutions are, in fact, based on single data …

Data Loss

Guard Your Small Business Against Data Loss

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If you run a business, when you lose data it is an annoying and frustrating experience – to which no business is immune. Data loss can occur for a number of reasons, whether intentional or unintentional, such as: Computer viruses or worms Attacks by hackers Power outages Data corruption Human error including accidently deleting files Natural disasters Software or Hardware …

IT Solutions Melbourne

Cloud Computing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

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Business IT solutions and technology in general is changing at what seems like a rapid pace. Once you think you’ve just got the grasp of geek speak, new terms comes along that can leave you totally bewildered and wondering how your business will maintain its competitiveness. And it appears that every business is jumping on board Cloud Computing, the latest …

Network Security & Servicing

5 Essential Network Security Tips for Small Businesses

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Security is everything for a small business especially if you’ve got sensitive client or organisational information stored in your local network. However, many business owners still don’t realise the importance of having a secure network for their office. More often than not, the security setup just isn’t enough to protect the network against viruses, malicious hackers and various other security …

5 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Computer Networking Service

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As a business owner, you would want your computer network to run as efficient as possible so that your daily operations can operate to its full potential. When you get the proper network service for your office, it will give you the advantage of getting more work done at a quicker pace so that you can gain an edge over …