Slow Internet Connection

Fix-It-Yourself Series Pt. 5: Slow Internet Connection

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If you are reading this right now, it’s very likely that you are facing some sort of internet connection problem, and it’s probably slowing down your productivity at home, or disrupting the streaming of YouTube videos and online movies.  Every PC user dream of having super-fast internet connection and download speed but more often than not, it just never ever …

Repair Your Overheating Laptop

Fix-it-Yourself Series Pt. 4: Overheating Laptop

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It’s amazing how technology has advanced over the past couple of years but there’s still one thing that plagues every laptop user…overheating! Don’t worry! It’s a very common problem that occurs especially in old laptops and there are a couple of ways to fix this little problem. However, if you feel that it is overheating, you should immediately seek for …