Data Recovery Services Melbourne

With only one opportunity to recover lost data Trust the Experts – Business Works. We are the specialists in data recovery services Melbourne-wide.
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What to do when faced with lost data?

This is most critical and will determine if data is recoverable. To minimise the damage and cost.

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  1. Turn off the media immediately
  2. Do not re boot disassemble or attempt to clean or dry
  3. Do not attempt to do it yourself, you may make the situation worse
  4. Call us on 1300 732 810

The process


Once you have detected a hardware problem call Business Works straight away on 1300 732810.

We will discuss your data loss and collect initial information, either arrange to collect your data, visit you onsite or provide instruction on how to ship your hardware to us for further evaluation.

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A Business Works technician will

  • Evaluate to determine the extent of data loss
  • Provide you with a list of files that can be recovered, the ideal recovery solution and timeframe
  • Respond to any concerns and answer your questions
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When requested to proceed our Business Works Technician will

  • Perform the data recovery
  • Save the recovered data to an external USB drive or agreed media
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When completed we will

  • Arrange to have the data collected or delivered to you
  • Respond to any post recovery queries you may have
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