5 Essential Network Security Tips for Small Businesses

Security is everything for a small business especially if you’ve got sensitive client or organisational information stored in your local network. However, many business owners still don’t realise the importance of having a secure network for their office. More often than not, the security setup just isn’t enough to protect the network against viruses, malicious hackers and various other security threats.

Long gone are the days when all you need was a basic firewall and antivirus software to safeguard your network. The progress of digital technology also triggers the evolution of security threats that could harm your network. As one of the top IT services in Melbourne, we have seen many cases where a business’ network was compromised due to the lack of simple yet effective security. So, make sure you strengthen your business network security, with these simple business IT solutions.

1. Get a router that is meant for small business purposes

A small business router is different from a regular router, and it will provide you with more advanced firewall and stronger security protocols. It’ll also protect your business’ private network whilst managing security access to the outside world. In addition, small business routers offer a more robust VPN (virtual private network) that can handle more users and produce stronger encryption levels.

2. Use only WPA2 encryption

If you are planning to use a wireless connection for your networking services, remember to switch your security key to a WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) protocol. This will make it harder for outsiders to access your network and the organisation’s vital information.

3. Set up a strong system password

This is probably one of the most simple business IT solutions that you can apply to your network. Simply set up a strong system password for everyone on your local network to ensure that only the right people have access to your computers and network. This is fairly easy to do but if you need help to set it up, get a small business IT support expert to help you out.

4. Comprehensive antivirus software

Remember to install complex antivirus software for your network and other devices that are used on your business premises.  It’s not advisable for small businesses to rely on free antivirus software for protection. When you invest in good antivirus software, it will provide you with much higher network protection.

5. Separate Wi-Fi access for guests

If you regularly have guests at your office, consider setting up a separate guest router. This will help prevent any unwanted information flow to the guests.

So, if you haven’t implemented these simple business IT solutions for network security, make sure you do so today!

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