Data backup : Horror stories about data loss

Computers or laptops are well-known to have their issues, and a lot of times a great deal of data could very well be lost in case your machine crashes. Although it’s a known fact that there are still a lot of people who do not take backing up their computer systems seriously, they just believe it will not happen to them. It is possible to recover the majority of hard disk drives following a crash, however in many cases this can get quite expensive, and so backing up your files to an external hard drive or perhaps a cloud based storage solution is the ideal way of making sure that your data is protected.

Data Loss

Below are a few horror stories that are based on real experiences in which people lost everything simply because they didn’t back up their computer systems. Losing sentimental images, work, audio, files plus much more could happen at any time which is why scheduled back-ups is the most useful approach to keep the backups of your computer current.

1. How the movie Toy Story 2 was almost Lost – This is about a large organization which was not really making sure that their backups were functioning properly. Fortunately for these people somebody linked to the film had been wise and making back-ups, which in turn ended up saving the film from having to start from the beginning.

2. The reason why multiple backups are essential – To be risk-free, you should make more than one backup of your data. The most reliable way to do this is to have one backup on an external hard drive, along with keeping a cloud back-up on the cloud storage service of your choice. This particular story is about a person who only used an online backup(Dropbox in this case) and lost 8000 files.

3. Is your data backed-up properly? – Ensuring that your back-ups are working properly is vitally important, there have been many cases where users believed that their data was safe however, when it came down to it they were completely wrong.

4. Another story of users not backing up data and losing something of importance – Hopefully looking at these articles will open peoples eyes to the need for backing up data on your computer before it is too late.

5. Do you have a backup strategy? – This is another one to help get you thinking about correctly backing up your data so that you do not lose important and sentimental data that is on your pc.

6. Techniques of backing up data – There are actually various reasons that you should have more than one backup of your pc saved in several locations, here are four different ways to backup valuable data on your computer.

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