Does a Small Business Need a Server?

Never needed a server before? Well, you definitely do now!

With all the innovation and technological advancements happening in the world, your competitors are doing things quicker and more efficiently with the help of a complete business IT solutions and well-optimised server system. Servers are amazing at helping your organisation’s daily operations run as smooth as possible, and it’ll also assist with your employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Even if you’ve only got a team of 5 – 10 people and a couple of computers in your office, then you’re going to need a fully functioning server and of course, a highly attentive server support expert. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Easily share files and collaborate

There is going to be heaps of work going around when you’ve got a small team. Every employee will have their own specific set of skills so it’s highly important that they can easily collaborate together on projects. Not only that, it’s highly important that they are looking at the most updated documents and this could be tough if it’s merely passed around through e-mail or a USB.

A server will act as your central filing system and when anyone updates the file on their computer and saves it, the document will also be updated instantly. So, this guarantees that the file that the next person looks at is the right one, and it also reduces the risk of losing any important client documents.


This is definitely one of the most important IT solutions that every business needs. When you save something to a server, it is automatically backed up and you will never have to worry about losing files again. Sometimes there are unforeseen issues such as a computer crash or virus attack on your PC and files can be damaged or even lost forever. Your data is extremely crucial and if it’s lost, it could possibly hit your business real hard in terms of time and money.

Network printer sharing

It could be confusing and frustrating sometimes to figure out how to plug in a printer into different computers. Also, it wouldn’t be very smart to waste resources on buying a printer for each and every computer in your office. It is possible to share the printer by enabling it on the workstation itself but its efficiency can only stretch so far. So, the best way to get hassle free printing is to hook it up to a server so that everyone on the network can share the printer at any time they need it.


Every business needs an email address and it’s even better if it’s hosted through a server. There is always the option of obtaining a hosted e-mail service from the internet but it just won’t be on par with what a server hosted email can do for you.

First of all, you can create your company’s unique email address and that gives you great opportunities for branding. Instead of having, will probably look more professional to your customers.

And because you’re hosting it directly from your server, the uptime is amazingly quick and you’ll get emails in your inbox in no time. It also gives you the options of customising your own webmail, and mobile and Outlook web access whist giving you complete control over security in terms of spam and virus protection. Most importantly, it is able to give backup all your emails just in case you’ve accidentally lost or deleted it.

Smaill Business IT Support

Secure remote connection and access

With the proper server support and set-up, you can easily access your files and documents even when you are not in the office. So, if you’re ever away on holiday and you need to retrieve important data immediately, you can still do it securely by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Security on sensitive company data

Your sensitive company data is one the most important aspect of your business and that is why you have to protect it in any way that you can. By using server-based access controls, you can regulate the type of access on your data to certain employees only. And if you know that a file is not to be touched, simply provide a read only version to those who aren’t allowed to alter it.

There is no doubt that a server is going to turn your business around and help you increase your revenue in the long run. But it is also very important to remember that your server can only work at its full capacity if it is properly installed, configured and well maintained.

This is where we step in to assist you with only the best server support and networking services available. Always keep in mind that in this age and time, IT has become one of the fundamentals in running a successful business, and we are here to provide you with the most ethical and friendly business IT solutions so that you can worry less about the computer stuff, and focus on building your business.

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