Fix-it-yourself Series Pt. 1: The Blue Screen of Death

Imagine a beautiful morning where everything is going well and you’ve still got plenty of time to sip on your favourite coffee whilst catching up on the latest news on your PC or laptop, and suddenly…BAM!

Your computer freezes and whatever you do to get it working just doesn’t seem to…well, work.  Before you start pulling your hair out and go raging on your PC, just relax and take a deep breath. There’s always a way to figure out what’s going on with your computer.

Computers are very intricate machines that have an endless list of possible hardware and software failures so you need to be really careful not to take a wrong step. Let’s have a look at some of the common computer problems and some solutions that will help with your computer repairs.

In part one of our fix-it-yourself series we’ll take a look at…

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)!

Sounds like a finishing move from an old Kung-Fu movie doesn’t it? Well BSOD is technically known as a ‘Windows STOP error’ and it usually happens when Windows senses a hardware, software or driver error that prevents it from operating.

Sometimes a simple reboot in safe mode will do the trick but what do you do if this problem persists? It might mean that you’ll need to consult with someone with deeper experience in computer repairs. But let’s have a look at how you can try to solve it yourself first.

Generally what you need to do is determine what the STOP code error on the blue screen means. Once you know what the STOP code is you can easily search for a solution online to fix it yourself. If you’re lucky, which you will be most of the time, your Windows will resume operations after rebooting, and you’ll receive a notification that will allow you to view details of the problem and also check for solutions.
Blue Screen of Death
But if the problem persists and you still can’t find a solution, try using BlueScreenView to help you obtain the information that you need to fix the BSOD problem.

There is an abundance of STOP codes that tells you what is wrong with your computer. STOP codes can vary from STOP Error 0x00000001 to STOP Error 0xC0000221, and all these codes will reveal something different. So, you must be sure that you get the right information.

It is next to impossible to screen capture a BSOD so what you’ll need to do is write down the error code or try snapping a decent photo with your phone. Remember to get the exact code so that you can easily find an in-depth solution over the internet.

Well we hope the first part of our fix-it-yourself series has been helpful and please stay tune for more computer and IT solutions in the next coming weeks. If you can’t get it done yourself, don’t hesitate to call us immediately and we’ll gladly help you out with all your PC problems in no time!

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