Fix-it-Yourself Series Pt. 4: Overheating Laptop

It’s amazing how technology has advanced over the past couple of years but there’s still one thing that plagues every laptop user…overheating!

Don’t worry! It’s a very common problem that occurs especially in old laptops and there are a couple of ways to fix this little problem. However, if you feel that it is overheating, you should immediately seek for ways to repair your laptop before it’s too late.

How do you know you have an overheating laptop?

Easy. The biggest sign of course is that your laptop feels excessively hot, like it’s having a ‘fever’.  On top of that, if it’s running very slow and making strange or loud noise, it might be trying to tell you that there’s a problem with the cooling system and it’s time for some laptop repairs.

When your laptop gets too hot, it fries the electronics inside and could permanently damage your CPU (Central Processing Unit), which is “the brain” of every computer and laptop. That is why an internal cooling fan is usually placed on important components of the laptop such as the processors, graphic cards and RAMs. If these components fail to work, it will be detrimental to the health of your computer and more serious and costly laptop repairs will need to be initiated.

So, here are a couple of simple ways to prevent and fix minor laptop overheating problems.

Clearing slotted grills/air vents

One of the biggest problems that laptops and PCs face is DUST. Yup, that’s right…dust. Over time, it is inevitable that the fans in PCs or laptops get covered with dust, grime, dirt, debris, etc. When this happens, it affects the efficiency of your fan and most times it will also make loud whirring or grinding noises. Before you go on any major laptop repairs, this first:

1)      Find the air vents that create the air flow. It’s easy to find it as you can feel hot or cool air coming out of the grills.

2)      Now, you are going to need a can of compressed air to blow out all of the dust.

Simple wasn’t it!

But if this still doesn’t work then your laptop might need more in-depth repairs. Another way to do it is to open your laptop casing unit and blow out the excessive dust and dirt around the fans*.

*Note!! Do not open the casing if your laptop is still under warranty. This will void your existing warranty.


There are many screws on the back of your laptop with plastic covering that protects the fans and electronics. You can easily see which ones are the fan doors and it won’t be too hard to unscrew and remove them. However, each laptop varies in design so you might want to have a look back at your manual or Google your particular model.

Once you’ve opened the casing, simply use the compressed air to remove all the dust and dirt. Have a look at the fan and see if there’s anything stuck between the blades. Twirl the blade to see if it’s spinning freely. If it’s making a noise or doesn’t spin freely, then it’s possibly time to change your fan/s.

Well, if you are not sure about how you can fix your overheating problem, it’s best to call us up or pop by our Camberwell store to speak to our laptop and computer repairs experts. Sometimes laptop overheating can be more complicated than it seems and it takes experience to find the source of the problem.

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