Fix-It-Yourself Series Pt. 5: Slow Internet Connection

If you are reading this right now, it’s very likely that you are facing some sort of internet connection problem, and it’s probably slowing down your productivity at home, or disrupting the streaming of YouTube videos and online movies.  Every PC user dream of having super-fast internet connection and download speed but more often than not, it just never ever happens. We all know that feeling all too well and it gets really annoying especially for computer users who face slow internet connection problems on a daily basis. It is even more confusing and frustrating when you can’t figure out the reason why it’s so slow.

Before you pick up the phone and start giving it to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), try taking a closer look at the problem so that you can quickly fix it yourself. As one of the experts in computer repairs in Melbourne, we have seen a lot of common internet problems that can be easily fixed. Here are a couple of easy tips for you:

Check your hardware and firmware

This is probably one of the easier internet/computer repair solutions, and you’ve probably done it a couple of times yourself. Simply reset your modem and router (turn off for at least 30 seconds and turn on again) and check to see if it’s working after that. If your laptop still can’t connect to the internet or is still experiencing a turtle-like connection, try testing the router signal on other computers or laptops at home. If your machine is the only one in the household with this problem, then it’s highly likely that you might need to check your laptop for viruses or compatibility issues.

If the switch on/switch off trick doesn’t work and your internet constantly slows down and lose connectivity every day, then perhaps it’s time to update your router’s firmware to the latest version. Visit your router manufacturer’s website and find the latest firmware update through the administrative interface that is provided to you.

Fix the Wi-Fi signal

It’s fairly easy to get optimum signal from your router and this is another quick computer repair solution for your slow internet problem. All you need to do is to find the perfect spot for your router and make sure that the antennas are vertically pointed up.

This is a common internet/computer repair problem for most Melbourne households especially if you live in an apartment with thin walls. This creates a situation where your Wi-Fi signal may clash with your neighbour’s signal.  So, try to keep it away from adjoining walls and find an elevated spot to place your router.

Of course, due to the close proximity of houses and apartment units in Melbourne, there is also a chance that other people can easily hack your Wi-Fi password and leech onto your internet, which causes it to be extra slow. Remember to secure your Wi-Fi with WPA encryption for better Wi-Fi security.

Minimise bandwidth hogging plugins and apps on your computer

When you are working on your computer or laptop, it’s only natural to stream some work music or download movie files for later. Connection hogging apps like BitTorrent and Spotify can tremendously slow down your internet connection. Plus, these apps will also slow down your computer’s speed as it takes up RAM space. So, try minimising the use of these apps if you can. It won’t entirely fix your internet problem but it’ll definitely make things much speedier.

There are other complex ways of fixing your internet connection such as changing your Domain Name System (DNS) details, changing wireless cards on your computer or laptop, diagnosing and eliminating spyware and viruses…and the list goes on. If you have tried these steps above and still can’t figure out what is going on with your internet connection, just remember that we provide expert computer support and laptop repairs in Camberwell and the whole of Melbourne.

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