Things to Consider when Choosing Cloud Computing

By now you would have heard about cloud computing and how it has changed the technological landscape. If you aren’t familiar with cloud computing, you can find more about it at “Cloud Computing for Small to Medium Sized Businesses”.

The geeks and early adopters are often quick to cite new technology as a fabulous addition to the world, tweeting positive messages about it, writing blog posts on it, jumping on IT forums and basically creating the buzz that you often associate with new technology. Think about what happens when Apple launches a new version of a product – the computer nerds go absolutely crazy!

As a leading business IT solutions provider, we at Business Works embrace technological advances like the rest of them. However, as much as we like to jump on the bandwagon, we can still objectively explore the downsides of new technology too.

So here is our list of things to consider when choosing cloud computing:

Security Threats

Cloud computing utilises web technology to store information and data. What this means is that essentially, your information is “out there” and could be hacked into by and unauthorised persons even if it seems to be stored securely and safely. The way to overcome security threats to your valuable and sensitive data is that you can pay for additional security, use a service provider that is reputable and request to see their disaster and data recovery plan in the unlikely occurrence of a security threat.

Time Delay

When transferring a large amount of data into or out of the cloud environment, this process can be extremely time-consuming. That can cause your internet connection to slow down and depending on your internet service, may even cost you a lot more money. You can try and get around this by other increasing your internet connection or save it to a portable storage device and physically deliver to your service provider for uploading.


You will also have to consider how moving to cloud computing will affect your equipment and other applications and whether they will need to be integrated with the cloud. Consider things such as email, mobile phone, printers as well as other software and hardware components.

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