Tips on How to Optimise Your Computer Network Service

In this day and age, the competence of your computers could possibly determine the efficiency of your business’ daily operations, and it is highly crucial that everything is in tip-top condition, especially when it comes to your networking service.

Now, if you have a couple of computers in your business premises, say maybe 10 or more, then it is highly crucial that you keep up the service of your network. Why? Because a network service can do many things for your business such as data storage, manipulation, presentation, communication, and file sharing. All these work together to manage and enhance the workflow of your organisation so that you can maximise productivity, which means that you and your employees can get more work done in a day.

However, while you might have an existing networking service hooked up in your premises, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is running at its fullest potential. So, how exactly can you get the maximum output from your computer network service? Here’s how.

1) Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption

This is probably one of the most basics things that you can do to increase the efficiency of your network. A WPA or WPA2 encryption method gives you privacy and security, and blocks out ‘leechers’ who are looking to get some free internet service from unsuspecting users such as yourself. This could possibly affect the speed of your network and its data usage. And worse, if someone manages to hack into your network, they could potentially steal vital information from your organisation. If your router and devices don’t support WPA, it is highly recommended that you switch to a newer one which is able to do it.

2) Improve Reception

Just like old televisions, almost all routers come with one or more antennas. If you are old enough to remember a time where you had to keep moving the antennas to get the best reception, the same theory can be applied to a router. If you’ve got a router with multiple antennas, point them in different directions to see which position will give you the strongest signal.

3) Remote Assistance/Support

A network can experience problems from time to time so the best solution is to get help from a business IT solutions expert. When you administer Remote Assistance in your network, an experienced technician can provide you with real-time networking services and server support. Remote Assistance is absolutely safe to use and you can restrict network access to an IT support company via a Group Policy. However, it is highly important that you do some research and make sure that the IT solutions and networking services provider has a credible and trusted record of working with clients, both big and small.

4) Active Directory

An Active Directory is a database that stores all the usernames and passwords that everyone in your organisation uses to log in to the network. It is very similar to a telephone directory in the sense that it stores information based on various fields like name, address, telephone number and so forth. But that’s not all, Active Directory allows you to conduct identity management so that you can grant permissions only to certain people to access the resources in your network, so you can protect sensitive information that are allowed to be seen by certain personnel. An Active Directory also allows you to create objects (user accounts, groups, computers and many more), impose policy settings, conduct computer behavioural auditing, and much more.

Well, these are some of the simple ways that you can use to optimise your network service. However, there are so many other more intricate ways to get your network running at its full capacity. If you want to find out more about how to set up and get the best out of your business’ network service, simply call us up today and our IT support experts will help you with all your IT queries.

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